International Federation for Therapeutic Choice

The International Federation for Therapeutic Choice (IFTC) is NARTH's international division formed to give a greater voice to therapists, academics, and interested individuals located outside the United States who are members of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, and to defend the rights of therapists to treat unwanted homosexuality throughout the world.

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi (Past-President of NARTH) has been designated by the Board to act as liaison and director for this new division.

Current international reports reveal increasingly aggressive opposition to the right of clients to seek treatment for unwanted homosexuality and the opportunity for trained therapists to provide assistance. Some of the tactics have explicitly threatened basic civil rights. Faced with these threats, many professional counselors feel unsupported in their own country. We believe this international effort will offer a source of support, encouragement and information to threatened mental-health professionals.

Interested individuals are invited to join in this international effort by joining NARTH for $65.00 (USD) and simply informing us that you wish to be enrolled in IFTC.

IFTC has established a Listserve of registered members that allows them to share current information. For a NARTH member to join the international Listserv you only need to email the office at and request that your name be added. This will connect you to the international email communication network that will send you information about IFTC efforts and permit members to talk to one another directly via the Internet Listserve.

In addition, NARTH will establish a IFTC national representative in nations where International Federation for Therapeutic Choice members exist to coordinate activities in that individual country and act as a liaison with the IFTC director (Dr. Nicolosi).